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Deadlock Design Visit Deadlock design first for the dos and don'ts of web design.  This guy really knows how to get visibility in the vastness of the web.

Hi, I'm still alive

I haven't updated this site in years, but I do realize I get some traffic. I have some good info to put on here and a lot that needs to be changed. All I can say is I'm going to try and provide the best information I can with what little free time I have. Check back soon.

-Eric 4/14/03

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My thoughts

It might be just me, but I think submitting your site to each search engine separately is the way to go.  There are definitely advantages to submission services,  but you never know whether is gets done correctly.  Why take chances.  It doesn't really take that long to submit a site.  Also, if you are using view bars like me, it's to your advantage to be on the internet longer.

Truthfully, I use this list for all my own submissions.  It's definitely not complete, and it never will be, but I will add more when I come across them.

Do it right, submit it yourself.

most important

Yahoo!  read up on Yahoo submission secrets HERE before submitting anything.  (you'll thank me sometime)

d m o z Why is dmoz important? (see Sites using dmoz)

other important searches

alta vista AOL Net Find Exite Go (Infoseek) Google Hot Bot Looksmart Lycos Magellan Matilda Microsoft Network National Directory Nerd World Northern Light Scrub The Web Snap (NBC) WebCrawler


a bunch of others (still important)

100hot, 1st-Search1st-Spot, 2ants2Look4It, 555-1212, Active-Lynx, Aeiwi, Ah-ha, Ally-Submit, Alexa, American-Net, Bee-Buz, Best-of-the-Planet-Awards, Big-Hoo, Big-Stuff, Big-What, Biz-Shoppe, Bomis, Brand-New-Sites, Canada, cdNet, C-Net-Search, Com-Find, Computer-Hope, Connecticut-Search, Cozy-Cabin, Cyber-Find, Data-Bot, Dewa, Digi-Zone, Diysearch, Duker-Search, Duno, DW-infoserver, Effective-Web-Directory, Electron-Search, El-Turco, Eurnet-onLine, Euro-Seek, Explode2000, Extreme-Search, Eye-on-the-Net, Fast-Search, Fat-Head, Fetch-Dog, Final-Search, Find-it-2000, Find-Link, Find-Once, Flash-Search, Funkey-Cat, Galore, Galaxy, Gee-Wiz!, Global-Jam-Search, Go-Hip!, G.O.D, GoTo, Gotta-Bounce, Info-Tiger, Grand-Central, Handi-Links, Hot-Lava, Hot-Rate, IBC-Net, ICQ, Info-Highway, Info-Mak, info-Probe, IOport, Iseek, It's-Here, Jassan, Jazzy, Jayde, Jblue, Josh's-Sanctum, Jump-City, Life-Style-UK, Lightning-Search, Linkease, Link-master, Link-Spinner-Network, Linx-Directory, Logistics-Bay, Lookie-Here, Lots-of-Hits, Max-Ban's, Maxi-Search, Micro-Goodies, Multimeta, My-Starting-Point, Net-Breach, Net-Buster, Net-Pond, Net-Search, Omni-Search, Omniseek, One-Key, One-Mission, Peekaboo, Pegasus, Pengs, Phatoz, planet-click, Point-Guide, Popular-Sites, Prime-Seek, Quality-Search, Quango, Quest-Finder, Resoft-links, REX, Salukisearch, Scandals-Search,, Seach-4-Info, Search-Beat, Search-Hound, Search-It, Search-It-(UK), Search-King, Search-Lynx, Searchopolis, Searchport, Search-Spot, Search-Up, Seek-Site, Select-Surf, Site-Productions, Sites2Surf, Smart-Guide, Soprano-Connections, Spark-Search, Spartacus, Splat, Super-Pro, Super-Snooper, Surf-Gopher, Surf-Point, Tecor, The-Net-1, Thunderstone, Toggle-Bot, Total-Seek, UK-Max, US-Online, Village-Links, Viruocity, W6-Net, W8-Net, W-Direct, Web-Gremlin, Web-Octopus, Web-Quests, Web-Search, WebSearch2K, Web-Section, Web-Trawler, What's-New-Too, WhatUSeek, Who-Izzy, World-LightWWW-Riot, Yahooh, Yahoosuck, Zee-Dee, Zen-Search, Z-Search,

Useful Tools

I love my FrontPage 2002, but it's expensive.  If you don't have the money or access to a college MS agreement, then you need an alternative.

Download a good HTML tutorial

45 day FrontPage 2000 trial for $6.95.

Demo another great visual editor

Try an advanced HTML editor

Get a Free HTML Reference Guide

Preview a very powerful gif editor

Try a good Graphics Editor


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