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The coolest places to shop.

This may be a little contradictory of the name, but why not bring it all together.

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Shopping on the internet might be a little scary because of all the thousands of shopping web sites, but this page is here to help.

CNET ShopperSearch stores for the best prices on an unbelievable selection of computer products.

Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble is definitely one of the best book-stores on-line.  They also have a very large selection of music, videos, and software.

CDnow The best selection of music available and they have vinyl.  They also have frequent sales.

Free Shop has a database full of free offers and trial offers in a wide variety of categories.  Offers include catalogues, software, magazines, and much more. 

americangreetings.comAmerican Greetings does not need much explanation.  But if you have to know, they sell a very wide selection of greeting cards.  You can even make your own. 

Frag City is a great speacialty store that carries science fiction and fantasy memorabilia.  If you are interested in either then check it out.

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