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Do you like free money?

Sure everyone wants free money, but that's one thing that doesn't seem to come free. I did make a few hundred dollars with this pts thing back in the day, but it took plenty of work. Now it does seem that you can still get a little cash with minimal work.

With Spedia it's really easy. All you have to do is sign up and then you have some options. You can do the traditional 'get paid to have adds on your screen,' receive email, play games and more.

Get Referrals

It's always a good idea to get referrals but it's just a pain trying to get people to come to a website and sign up with your links. I put a lot of time into to this and the most successful thing I did was Pay-Per-Click advertising. For more information on how to get people to your website you could go to my website promotion page (the real reason this site is still alive)

Green Tights on a Monkey?

Yeah, so I haven't updated this site since 4/20/2000. Really! And I didn't realize people still actually visit the place.

I did this as an experiment to see if those PTS things really worked. Some people were lucky and eventually made thousands of dollars every month and others maybe got enough to pay for their internet access. At least they did for a while. Surfers started cheating and the services got harder and harder to use normally. Only the bigger companies stayed in business because they had to develop anti-cheat software for the view-bars. So all the good little companies that started with great ideas didn't last. But the biggest news in the community was when AllAdvantage went under. I don't remember exactly what happened but I think it was around the summer of 2001. All the college kids went home and all the cheaters had made it really hard to keep advertisers that whole year. It was been a sad day, but I didn't find out until I got back to school the next fall because I spent most of my time working and not web surfing like I did during the school year.

So, now, two years after I stopped checking my accounts and using the view-bars, I remembered that I had this website. I checked my Tripod account and found out that the site has been getting over a hundred hits a week.

Kinda strange huh?

Even weirder, some of my accounts on those services are still making money. Back in 2000, I was actually making about $40 a month. But the usage dropped off and I didn't see the point in using the services anymore. After being idle for two years I found that I'm still making about $3.00 a month. Most of that comes from


Perpetual Income?

Maybe the best idea ever in the PTS world and as always cheaters ruinedPerpetual Income it all. Perpetual Income was probably the most promising system to come out of this community. They set up a system where you would get initial referrals and then everyone would sign up for a new promising PTS company and surf a minimum number of hours a month. It sounded so good that many members broke all the rules while trying to get referrals. The guys at Perpetual Income were totally buried in complaints and I'm pretty sure they were threatened with a lawsuit. Perpetual Income had so many problems that many big servers blocked their url.

I'm not sure, but I don't think that the spammers brought PI down. In the end I think the problem was finding a company that would agree to take on hundreds of thousands of people at the start.

Another sad day for PTS.

There were nearly 30000 members when they stopped accepting new people. The goal was to have half a million or so before the launch, but they didn't even get to test the the thing. At 25000 they were going to do a test run, but it didn't fly.

I couldn't say that it would never work, but it would have to be done a different way. Also, with advertising as weak as it is now

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